The false narrative rules: "if you're in the other party, you're the devil". In fact, it's issues. You're the devil if you deny global warming, hate immigrants, want to push education $$ to corps, etc.

The propaganda redefinition is underway. It's MSNBC that is unfairly denigrating an entire class of people, those poor Republicans who chose Donald Trump. If only we would give him a chance. His choosing scathingly bad and polarizing Cabinet members, that's just 'him being him'. If only liberals weren't so hateful.

""It's not starting off in that direction," says her less-optimistic-sounding husband, as Republicans in Congress gear up to repeal the Affordable Care Act. "You should have listened to MSNBC this morning. It's white and black, good and bad, God and the devil — and if you're in the other party, you're the devil.""

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Thu Jan 19 2017 10:40:51 GMT-0600 (CST)