This Book David Miessler is Reading Just Perfectly Explained Trump's Cabinet Picks: The Dictator's Handbook

**"Trump, once again, isn’t failing at the game—he’s playing a completely different sport, right in front of us, and he’s winning. And all we’re doing is jabbering on about how he’s making this mistake or that one.

"He’s not building a team of experts to run the country, because he’s going to run it himself. They’re there to defend him and keep him in power, as loyal servants. Nothing more, nothing less.

"It’s all him. It always has been. They’re just there for decoration and to tell him how cool he looks while he knocks heads together.

"We’re basically all being outplayed…again. This doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t self-destruct due to bad moves in other areas, but hopefully at some point we’ll learn to stop underestimating his ability to read and manipulate people. He’s really, really good at it."**

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Sat Jan 28 2017 12:10:45 GMT-0600 (CST)