Jon Stewart on President-elect Trump

Jon Stewart asserts, and I agree with this fact if not the interpretation, that it is wrong to treat all Trump supporters as racists or as all being the same in any other way. (I disagree in that I think that they all, by definition, are fine with allowing racists to run roughshod over the landscape.)

He also reminds us, and here I agree, that we are at yet another battle on the road to a decent society that embraces diversity and the future. This situation is like the one faced in the sixties by the Freedom Riders against the KKK and others. It is not time for the next fight.

I draw from this interview the reminder that this is not a time for despair. It is a time for resistance. It is a time for all decent people to marshall their resources. Donate to Planned Parenthood, subscribe to good newspapers, give Trump supporters no peace. Hit the streets.

I dream of a culture of continuous street protest. Every city in the country should be spending fortunes dealing with people on the street saying, "Clean air. Fight corporations. No wall. We love our immigrant brothers and sisters." Donald Trump should never open his mouth without a million people shouting back.

Tue Nov 22 2016 09:16:51 GMT-0600 (CST)