Trump Starts the Stupidity

On his first day in office, he is going to announce we are going to continue to not be part of TPP and he's going to gut environmental regulations, especially promoting coal. That coal is no longer economically viable and his act means nothing, escapes him.

I watch with his little asides, "so important", and cringe.


Tue Nov 22 2016 09:08:14 GMT-0600 (CST)

Cashing in BIGLY in Argentina!

The corruption continues.

"According to a report out of Argentina, when Argentine President Mauricio Macri called President-Elect Trump to congratulate him on his election, Trump asked Macri to deal with the permitting issues that are currently holding up the project."


Mon Nov 21 2016 12:18:56 GMT-0600 (CST)

Mitt Romney Meets with Donald Trump

I am not surprised about Mitt. He's an opportunist like the rest of them but, I dream of someone, *nyone, refusing to capitulate. I understand that Obama has a job to do and Hillary, well, Hillary gets all my love and support for being able to resist putting a bullet in her own brain.

But, is it really possible that everyone figures, "Hey, he's a racist who has no idea how to do the job but let's all pretend"? I want someone to say, "No, I'm not meeting with that piece of crap. He may be President but he's not a good person and I do not have to meet with Hitler's retarded grandson."

"Right now, they're all coming to him, all the people who laughed at him and made fun of his candidacy, and jilted him in Cleveland last summer, and whispered about how disastrous he would be as a president. They're all coming to the big tower with his name on it. Winning!"


Mon Nov 21 2016 09:40:58 GMT-0600 (CST)

Owning Our Shit

I will never forgive you assholes who call yourselves 'progressives'. Hillary was a perfect candidate who managed to fight off what amounted to a coup d'etat as 1.5 branches of the government dedicated our national resources to destroying her. She kept her determination and you let her down.

"We beat her up every single time and she fought back till she became an ugly callus that we didn’t like looking at. We poked at every flaw of hers and refused to see any of the good she did over her 30+ years of public service. We wouldn’t let her get away with a single mistake. And yet we chose Trump."


Sun Nov 20 2016 19:28:58 GMT-0600 (CST)

Fujitsu Develops New Material Technology to Enhance Energy-Conversion Efficiency in Artificial Photosynthesis

At other times, I thought of nano-technology mostly in terms of tiny machines that would repair DNA or some other sci-fi stuff. Turns out that, so far, the main uses have been in manufacturing technology. I read about a sort of antibiotic that came from nano-assembly of a shaped chemical that attacked a specific kind of bacterial process. This one reorganizes a way of extracting energy from sunlight. It could be huge.

"Fujitsu Laboratories has improved on methods for forming thin films (nanoparticle deposition(2)) of electroceramics on flexible mounting sheets to create capacitors and other passive elements. It has also developed a process technology for layering thin films on a substrate using a nozzle to spray the raw-material photocatalyst-material particle that fragments the particle on a thin plate."


Sun Nov 20 2016 18:55:01 GMT-0600 (CST)