They point to a senior Department for Transport official who, before the strikes began last year, said "we have got to break" the unions.

In Brexit Britain, the moral equivalent of Trump's America, unions objecting to changed labor rules is considered a crime. Not a problem here because the unions cooperated. Turns out yielding on minor points loses the battle. Dems should remember this.

"Workers "will have to decide if they want to give a good service or get the hell out of my industry," the official, Peter Wilkinson, was quoted as saying in the Croydon Advertiser, a local newspaper in a suburb served by Southern."

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Sun Jan 15 2017 08:38:44 GMT-0600 (CST)

"National Geographic’s irresponsible imagery of a cross-dressing boy on the cover will no doubt ratchet up the spread of the contagion that is transgenderism."

Ah, here we have it. He wants trans people to turn away from their fantasy and join his. Asshole.

"I turned to Christ and away from transgenderism. I wanted to be obedient to the Lord."

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Sun Jan 15 2017 08:26:43 GMT-0600 (CST)

The sick bastard who wrote this article would have us abuse trans-people because he doesn't like their motivations.

I note, as to the point, nobody is asking you to "want" trans people. Nobody is talking about you and the trans people being discussed are not objects or currency to be spent.

But I also note that the point of this article is that millions of trans people are succumbing to a mass mental disease. I'm guessing that this guy would have figured that the idea that 'the negro' was intellectually capable of participating in a sophisticated 'modern society' was also a fantasy. (People said this.)

It is no different. Black people were oppressed. We fixed it. Trans people are oppressed. We should fix that, whatever the motivation.

"Surgically created sex changes and cross-dressing boys are as fake as a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill or a cubic zirconia. Yet, if we are to be politically correct, we should call a cubic zirconia a diamond and accept a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill as legal tender. We don’t want the zirconia or the counterfeit currency to feel sad because we call them fake."

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Sun Jan 15 2017 08:21:52 GMT-0600 (CST)